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Roof Gutter Cleaning Service Bellevue Redmond Kirkland WA

"Excellent work, highly reliable and professional

organization! They've won a repeat customer."

- Dan J, Whatcom County

Professional Roof Cleaning and Moss Removal Services in Whatcom County, WA

Roof washing on a typical sized, normal sloped, composition roof in Whatcom County will cost around $375-550. Gutter cleaning is always included for free with a roof cleaning.  A different roofing material or a steep sloped roof may be more.
Gentle Roof Pressure Washing for Moss, Algae and Black Slime
Air Blowing for Loose Debris Leaves & Needles
Moss Preventative Treatments

Roof Cleaning & Moss Treatment Service in Whatcom County

We most commonly clean composition/asphalt shingles. The recommended cleaning method will depend on the type of debris that is on your roof. We recommend having a moss preventative treatment applied after cleaning. We use Zinc Sulfate which is the most popular moss preventative treatment and is safe on roofs- please see below for more details.

Roof Pressure Washing

Gentle pressure washing makes your roof look new and is the most popular method in the Northwest for removing moss, slime, dirt, and discoloration. This method is safe for your roof and supported by shingle manufacturers. We take great care to ensure the cleanliness and safety of your roof.

Roof Air-Blow Cleaning

Air blowing is an effective method to remove leaves, pine needles, and branches.  Getting your roof blown off will remove debris, allow water to properly flow into your gutters, and will make your home look nice. Our technicians are professional, highly skilled, and courteous.

Moss Preventative Treatment: Zinc sulfate

Applying moss preventative treatment in Whatcom County once a year will keep your roof moss free. Reapply twice a year for shaded areas. After a roof cleaning, we can apply 10-20 pounds of zinc sulfate powder for $60-$100 (This includes us supplying the product). We apply about two times the amount that manufacturers recommend to ensure that your roof is protected until the next treatment. We spread the treatment in 1-2 lines on each section of roofing (see photos for examples). Please note, we cannot guarantee the results of the treatment. We do not advise that you use the treatment as a means to kill or remove existing moss. If your roof has moss and algae currently growing on it, it will need a roof cleaning. 
Zinc sulfate is the most popular treatment on the market to prevent moss and will not damage your roofing material. Zinc Sulfate is commonly branded as Corry's Moss B Ware or Lilly Miller's Moss Out and is found in most hardware store. 

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Bellingham Roof & Gutter Cleaning

2816 Martin st
Bellingham WA, 98226

(360) 920-3386

Gutter Cleaning, Roof Cleaning, Pressure Washing, Gutter installation & Repair, Services for Bellingham and Whatcom County  - Blaine, Everson, Ferndale, Lynden, Nooksack, Sumas, Sudden Valley, Acme, Birch Bay, Custer, Deming, Burlington, Bow, Glacier and Maple Falls

Gutter Cleaning Bellingham WA Roof Cleaning
Gutter Cleaning Bellingham WA Roof Cleaning
Gutter Cleaning Bellingham WA Roof Cleaning
Gutter Cleaning Bellingham WA Roof Cleaning
Gutter Cleaning Bellingham WA Roof Cleaning
Gutter Cleaning Bellingham WA Roof Cleaning
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